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From now on this blog is about my adventures in bioinformatics and in the use of open source software:
The code is bash, perl, R -especially sweave/noweb-, LaTeX and my lovely, beastly OS editor`s (Gnu-Emacs) elisp.

I will publish code snippets and short comments in English language. You con read about the same and my other more biology focussed interests in German on Alles was lebt.

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

The Brian Charlsworth quotes of the week

Multiple quotes, all from Thursday.

"It is like in Monty Python`s "The life of Brian": What have mutations ever done for you?"
Upright walking? Increased brain size? :-)

"Fortunately the most of my genome is not doing anything...`s just there for decoration!?"

"So we saved the theory of natural selection from death by initial frequencies!"
...bringing a ln in the equation for the survival probability of a favourable mutation.

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